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Outpatient Rehab Treatment with Recovery Centers of America

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Recovery at your fingertips with Shoutout™

Your journey to recovery is yours and yours alone.

Because your journey is different than that of others, Recovery Centers of America provides different levels of service and support to be by your side every step of the way. Whether you chose in-person, virtual, or hybrid, one thing’s for sure: You will get the best care with RCA.

Should you choose virtual, you will receive treatment through Shoutout™. RCA is pioneering a new wave of addiction treatment with Shoutout™. This digital health platform delivers our expert addiction treatment wherever you are – at home, at work, on vacation. But not just any treatment – it’s the evidence-based treatment RCA is known for, delivered by our experienced staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves.

Outpatient treatment is available in person, through Shoutout™, or a mix of both

Shoutout™ benefits

In-network affordability

Treatment wherever you are

A compassionate & qualified treatment team

A supporting community of peers and RCA alumni

24/7 access to NA, AA, Alumni Associations meetings

Direct client-to-therapist messaging

One-click access to appointments

Wondering if Shoutout™ is the right choice for you?

It’s the perfect place to start, continue, or support your journey to recovery.

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Top addiction treatment clinicians deliver revolutionary care

At RCA, you will receive treatment tailored to your specific symptoms and needs, so you can get well sooner and stay well longer. That’s why we use a combination of innovative treatment with tried-and-true evidence-based clinical therapies along with a progression of care. All of this is delivered through Shoutout™, which uses Zoom for appointments, meetings, and more.

With our comprehensive services and addiction treatment programs, RCA will equip you with the tools you need to establish major lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a life free from drugs or alcohol. Each program includes a variety of specialized services for addiction treatment, such as intensive 12 Step programming and a rich and complete family therapy program. Individualized care is delivered by the industry’s leading medical and recovery experts in our facilities and/or via teletherapy settings designed to make clients and their loved ones feel safe, comfortable and confident about their future in recovery.

Receive the right level of treatment you need today:


Partial Hospitalization Program


Intensive Outpatient Program


General Outpatient Program

What to expect during outpatient treatment

Here is what you can expect with RCA’s Outpatient Services.


A comprehensive biopsychosocial and medical assessment, where appropriate, to determine the most clinically appropriate level of care for your individual needs.

Individual therapy sessions

Meet with your personal therapist via Zoom through the Shoutout™ app. Simply open the app, see your upcoming schedule for the day, and click Join.

Depending on the RCA facility, you may be able to meet with your therapist in-person on an as-needed basis. One-on-one therapy helps explore personal factors impacting your recovery. It also provides the opportunity to explore how the skills learned in group can be applied specifically to your life and to overcome barriers to change.

Group therapy sessions

Group sessions allow you and your peers the opportunity to communicate, share, and process thoughts, behaviors and experiences in a trusted and safe environment. This is a primary setting in which many recovery skills are taught. You’ll build positive connections with peers and the wider recovery community. These meetings are conducted via Zoom through the Shoutout™ app.

Family therapy sessions

We strongly encourage families to participate in the treatment process as we know it significantly strengthens the foundation of recovery and increases the likelihood of a long-term, fulfilling life in recovery. Our comprehensive Family Program is designed to help families heal and recover—together. Our virtual program Seeds to Recovery helps families learn how to connect to their loved ones in a positive way and develop healthy communication and coping strategies so everyone has support during the recovery process. Your family therapy sessions will also be conducted via Zoom through the Shoutout™ app.


For some individuals, medication can be an important tool in managing symptoms and maintaining sobriety. This may include medications to address mental health disorders as well as medications used to treat addiction, known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). When combined with group and individual counseling sessions, MAT is known to be one of the most effective ways to treat and manage addiction. You can also request certain types of medication to be prescribed or refilled through the Shoutout™ app.

12 Step involvement

Recovery is best done with the support of a community of others who have fought the same disease and are there to support others. In combination with Outpatient treatment services, patients are educated about and encouraged to attend a 12-step fellowship such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or other peer-based fellowship. Patients are supported in finding a sponsor and personally working through the 12 Steps.

RCA Alumni Association

The time our patients spend with us in our Inpatient or Outpatient treatment programs is only the beginning of a lifelong journey in recovery. It’s important to stay connected with recovery and others who have shared similar experiences in life. You’ll have access to the RCA Alumni Association through Shoutout™. Here, you can attend events and join others who have been in treatment at RCA.

Support 24/7

With Shoutout™, you can lean into the support system whenever you need it. Between the community forum and access to meetings all over the country, you’ll always have the recovery community in your corner.

Call to schedule an assessment

During your assessment, our clinicians will determine the right level of care for you.

Treatment for mental health & co-occurring disorders

Often clients suffering from substance abuse are also battling other challenges that require specialized forms of treatment for true and lasting recovery to occur. In addition to treatment for substance use disorder, Shoutout™ has a team of clinical and medical experts who offer evidence-based therapies designed specifically to address co-occurring disorders for clients in Pennsylvania, including:



Treatment Advisor
Standing By, 24/7